What is The Root Network?

The Root Network is a public decentralized blockchain network optimized for Metaverse and game-fi applications. It is the core blockchain infrastructure for the Futureverse ecosystem and is specifically designed to provide a seamless onboarding experience for new Web3 users.

How is The Root Network launching?

The Root Network is launching over multiple phases:
  • Phase One: Our Alpha launch includes all the key elements of our protocol infrastructure and a month of active testing, feedback and tweaking.
  • Phase Two: Our Beta launch will include our full infrastructure and the source code will be made public. During this phase, our partner applications will begin onboarding production apps and users onto The Root Network. From here The Root Network will continue to evolve to support the requirements of the Futureverse platform, applications and experiences that are rolling out in the coming months.

What is included in Phase One?

Phase One of The Root Network includes four core elements:
Custom runtimes: Runtime modules provide an accessible and fast onboarding experience by providing Plug’n’Play blockchain functionalities. Developers can use any or all of our prebuilt core components which sit in The Root Network runtime. Phase One includes the following runtimes:
  • Non-fungible assets
  • Multi-token gas economy
  • Fungible assets
  • Decentralized exchange
Substrate Core: The Root Network has been built using Substrate’s framework. This gives us access to a great developer community alongside customisable runtime technology.
Ethereum Virtual Machine support for smart contracts: Smart contract functionality is provided through our EVM, which enables contracts written in Solidity to be read and executed on The Root Network. It also means developers can easily transfer their contracts and DApps from Ethereum. However, many developers may simply choose to use our standard runtimes, such as the NFT runtime, rather than have to go through the process of deploying their own smart contract.\
Liquidity and asset bridges: The Root Network natively supports two-way asset bridges through its general-purpose bridging runtime. Phase One will include the following bridges:
Phase One also provides a basic explorer for you to check out the network activity. The production user interfaces will launch in Beta phase two. For most users, the interfaces to The Root Network will be integrated into the Futureverse applications and worlds to provide a more immersive experience. Simple developer interfaces, like the ones you’d normally see in web3, will also exist for testing purposes.